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Digital TV

• 17,000 On Demand Choices
• Local Channels
• Parental Controls

High-Speed Internet

• 7 Email Addresses
• Speeds up to 12mbps
• Free Security Suite

Digital Phone

• Nationwide Calling
• Amazing Clarity
• 12 Popular Calling Features

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Best Cable TV, Internet, & Phone Bundles

Best Cable has a lot to offer any family, on almost any budget. Get quality programming, digital voice services and broadband, high speed internet for an affordable rate. Best can give your family what you need, when you need it. Learn more about Special Best Offers here!
Best Cable is the leading provider in the nation, offering the best services on the market. Get a large selection of digital and HD channels to choose from, with a wide range of free HD channels to enjoy at no additional charge.

Best Cable offers a large On Demand selection, with more than 17,000 programs, music videos, sports shows, premier events, children’s shows and more. You can get the shows you want to see with a quality provider like Best Cable.

On Demand is a digital library is that is updated on a regular basis, so you have a fresh selection of programming to choose from. This service even offers instant access to new movie releases that you can watch in your home. Don’t waste time and money at the movie store. Watch it on your time, from your couch and save money on late fees.

Best Cable also has a large Pay Per View selection to choose from. Get programming that is live and shown in real time for a quality home viewing experience. Best Cable offers live UFC fights, pro boxing and wrestling matches and live performances by the best artists and comedians. These selections come to you from locations found all over the world. You never have to go anywhere to get the best programming possible. Save money by staying home and get it with Best Cable.

This provider has more to offer with the use of a DVR or HD-DVR. Get one of these and you never have to miss another program again. Use the DVR for your standard definition set, and the HD-DVR for your HDTV. The DVR can record in standard definition and the HD-DVR can record in standard and HD.

Both devices can record from several channels at one time. They can record while you are watching recorded programming and they can record while you are watching a show you recorded earlier. You can even record on one channel while you are watching another one.

These devices make your viewing selections even more enjoyable with the rewind, pause and fast forward functions. Get great programming and added convenience, all on your time.

These services are child-friendly with the free Parental Controls that Best Cable offers at no additional charge. Block channels and specific programs and get the peace of mind you need.

Best Cable offers online programming that comes with incredibly fast speeds and free services that add to the value of your package.

Get a great programming selection online, with fast speeds and great prices. Best Cable can offer a little or a lot of speed, so that you get the service and price you want.

Best High Speed Internet can provide you with as much as 50 Mbps, so that you can surf, download and network with amazing speed. Upload your pictures and important documents with up to 10 Mbps, giving you the speeds you need for even the largest files.

This Best service comes with PowerBoost, an online aid that can give you the broadband you need when you are trying to download large files. This service also comes with free Parental Controls, so that you maintain the control you want, when you need it most.

Use Parental Controls to block sites based on content, while your children have the freedom they need for visiting the sites you allow them to. Set time limits and monitor online networking. These Controls make sure you stay in charge, even when you are not around.

Best Cable can even give you online security software. This software comes with your high-speed internet package and gives you one of the best online security services available. Detect and remove trojans, bots, viruses and other online threats. Once installed, this software can block these threats or give you directions on removing existing problems. It can also keep your personal information safer to avoid Identity Theft.

Get online with traditional or WiFi connections. Best can provide enough broadband to support several wireless devices at one time.

If you would rather talk to someone on the phone, get the digital voice services that you need. Get a quality service with unlimited, anytime flat-rate calling for all of your home calling needs. Make your calls to any location in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada.

This calling plan allows you to make the calls you want to make, when you want to make them. No matter how many calls you make, no matter how long you talk, your rate will never change. This rate also includes up to 12 calling features that can help you manage and make your important calls.

Best Digital Phone Serivce can even provide International rates for overseas calling that makes it easy to get the rates you need for additional savings on your monthly bill.

Get call forwarding, call waiting, three way calling, caller ID, universal caller ID and more, for up to 12 features in all that can help you on your busiest day.

Best Cable can even give you a digital voice mail system that is one of the best on the market. Get digital voice mail features that include multiple mail boxes and online access to voice messages. Just log into your email and check for notifications on new messages. Listen to these messages, delete them or forward them to another user. You can use this service from any location in the world with an internet connection. Save the minutes on your cell phone or hotel phone bill. Just log in and stay connected to all of your important calls.

Best can provide all the services you want and need for a price that is affordable. Whether you are making local and long distance calls, or you need to call over seas, Best has the service you can afford. Best Bundles TV, Internet, and Phone Service for LESS!

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Get quality programming, digital voice services and broadband, high speed internet for an affordable rate.
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  • Channels Over 165
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  • Contract No
  • Unlimited Data
  • Unlimited Calling

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